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Fashion has always worked in a game of hide and seek with the body.
"We create shapes over shapes converting the body under a concept or wanted image – even denying the shape of it, or working along with it – initiating a process of draping the body structure."

With the clear objective of representing the body in different ways, inputting the idea of this as a cultural thermometer, we launch the challenge of creation and innovation that must be responded to with parameters and ideas that add values into fashion.


The application must be presented in a format equal to or smaller than A3, with the proposition of three outfits (women, men or both) and make reference to the materials to be used. Only original material will be accepted - presented first time - Undersigned by a pseudonym and containing the concept of the projects and a prototype of a main piece in the Portuguese size (36 Woman 40 - 42 Man).

The application must contain an envelope with the pseudonym of the author on the outside and a CV with personal contacts and information inside.

The applications must be send before January 23rd of 2009 to:

Eusébio & Rodrigues (Ricardo Andrez) Travessa do Covelo Nº203 4200-243 Porto, Portugal.


The results will be published on January 30th, 2009. The selected works should be delivered with all the accessories for presentation before March 2nd 2009. Each competitor will be responsible for the production and acessorization of the outfits - Adding the Act label which will be supplied by the organization.


The organization will invite different personalities from different areas of reference, such as Fashion, Music, Design etc. They will then vote after the presentation on the preferred project.
Juries' decision is Sovereign, leaving no space for doubting their decision.


To Best Collection will be given a monetary prize to the value of 2500€.
To Best Female Outfit will be given a monetary prize to the value of 500€.
To Best Male Outfit will be given a monetary prize to the value of 500€.


The arrangements and realization of the fashion show taking place at March 6th of 2009, in every aspect, are the responsibility of the organization.


The competitors must agree to participate under the conditions made, authorizing the divulgation of the image of the project. And allow the organization to use them in fashion shows and exhibitions made by the organization in the year of 2009.
All the finalists must be available to attend one fashion show in place and date to be announced.
One outfit of the Best Collection winner will become part of the Acrobactic collection, with the objective of in the future having an ongoing collection of the winning project over the years.


Ricardo Andrez | acrobactic@gmail.com | www.acrobactic.com | www.acrobactic09.blogspot.com
www.myspace.com/acrobacticpt | Phone 00 351 225 573810 | Fax 00 351 2225 573 819

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